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Most single people give little thought to an estate plan—most think there is no need for one. But, think about these questions if you are single:


  • Who would manage your finances if something happened to you?
  • Do you have a serious boyfriend or girlfriend?
  • Do you have a favorite nephew or niece?
  • Do you have good friends?
  • Would you like to give anything to those folks?


The answer for most people is yes.


Then the next question is whether their parents know about these wishes or even if their parents know if these people exist!


When a single person dies, almost all of their assets will be given to their parents, unless they have left clear directions through an estate plan.


The same goes for married couples, too.


I can help you make sure your wishes are followed. All it takes is a little time from you. I can meet with you in person, on the phone, or through facetime or skype and we can get started today on your plans for tomorrow. Just complete the online form and we will get started.