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I had friends who were really just a great couple. People loved them so much that many parents asked them to be guardians for their children if they needed it. So many people, in fact, that if the right people were on a plane that went down, my friends would suddenly have twenty-three new kids to take care of.


Fortunately, that never happened.


But, do you know who would take care of your kids if something happened to you.


Amberly and I have three kids—one of them is already twenty-one, but the other two are still minors—16 and 12.  We want to make sure that they are always taken care of if anything should happen to us.  A car accident. A random act of violence. Some unseen trouble.


We didn’t want our kids to wind up with somebody we had no part in choosing if something happened to us. So, we set up the paperwork to determine who would be their guardian. We wanted to make that decision, not leave it up to a judge who would do their best, but might not give the effort we would to select who would take care of our kids.


And, you can too.


The good news is that creating guardianship paperwork isn’t too difficult or time consuming. All it takes is a few minutes of your time.


I can meet with you in person, on the phone, or through facetime or skype and we can get started today on your plans for tomorrow. Just complete the online form and we will get started.