Church Start Ups

Let Reynolds Law Group help you launch, grow, and protect your new church through our Church Launch program, specifically designed by attorneys and pastors to help you launch your new church safe, legal, and with confidence.

Incorporation? Unincorporated Association? 501(c)(3)? 508(4)(a)(1)? Officers? Directors? Dissolution clauses? Indemnity? EIN? Form 1023?


Launching your new church can all become a legal blur—and a minefield if you’re not careful. Let our team of Christian attorneys and consultants take care of the complicated and complex legal issues, so you can focus on developing the strategy, building the team, and launching your new church.


Glenn Reynolds is not only an attorney but a church planter, who launched a church of his own that grew from fifteen people to one of the ten largest in his state. With this background, RLG has made the Church Launch process affordable for new churches. hand shake


Church Launch is staffed by real people who connect in real relationships with pastors and launch team members. We are invested in helping you successfully launch your church, and will work with you to that end. Church Launch isn’t a fill-in-the-blank, one-size-fits-all online program. You get a real relationship with attorneys and consultants who care about your new church’s success.


Here’s what others are saying about Reynolds Law Group and Church Launch.

Rev. Tom Jacobs "In a culture where church and law seem to often intersect, it is good to have friends with experience as a pastor and an attorney. Glenn Reynolds has that experience. Dr. Reynolds is a strategic thinker with the ability to come alongside pastors and leaders on a variety of church-related topics. I believe you’ll find their resources to be relevant and tailor-made for your situation in ministry."
- Rev. Tom Jacobs, Superintendent, Iowa Ministry Network (A/G)
Pastor Gary Brothers

"I have known Glenn Reynolds since he was sixteen years old. I have watched him develop into one of the most talented, intelligent,and giftedleaders of this generation. Over the years I've had multiple opportunities to work together with Glenn on numerous projects. His expertise always challenges and stretches me as well as inspiring me to achieve more. I would encourage any pastor, business leader, or anyone striving to develop their organization to achieve more to contact Glenn. You'll be glad you did! I am!"- Pastor Gary Brothers, Cape First, Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Michael Hernandez, Dean of Regent Law School"I greatly enjoyed teaching Glenn Reynolds while he as an Honors student at Regent Law. Glenn’s experience in pastoral ministry and talent as an attorney uniquely position him to serve ministries, churches, and pastors, with excellence. His clients will greatly benefit from his understanding of their circumstances and ability to assist with their legal needs".- Michael Hernandez, Dean, Regent University School of Law
Dick Hardy “The Hardy Group is excited to partner with Glenn Reynolds and Church Launch. I’ve known Glenn for over twenty years, watching him start and grow a church in Des Moines, Iowa then lead the Iowa Ministry Network’s church planting efforts with great success. I highly recommend Church Launch to every church planter.” -Dick Hardy, President, The Hardy Group
Rich Greene"When we started Life Church, Glenn was our coach and was with us each step of the way. Every church planter could benefit from not only his legal experience but his church planting experience, too. I’m glad to recommend Glenn and Church Launch to church planters." - Rich Greene, Founding Pastor Life Church, Coralville, Iowa

Get What You Need to Launch, Grow, and Protect Your New Church


We’ll draft and file the necessary documents to get your new church incorporated. Before you host a service, receive an offering, or sign a contract, it’s critical that your new church is incorporated. Incorporation is the legal birthdate for your church, and limits your personal liability and provides you with the tools you need for your new church to start conducting business.

Your new church’s Bylaws is the most important legal document your church will ever draft. We’ll help you navigate this complicated process to provide you with Bylaws that reflect your vision, comply with the law, and protect your church’s future.
Church Protection Plan

Your new church is starting in a risky, legal environment. The Church Protection Plan provides you with 44 key policies and forms you need to protect your new church. Policies and forms are grouped in six key areas: Board Policies; Staff Policies; Children’s and Youth Ministry Policies; High-risk Ministry Policies; Facilities Policies; and Financial Policies.
Keeping Them Safe

Keeping Them Safe, is a turn-key program to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse in your church. Train your workers through these six videos to detect and report suspected abuse. Sexual abuse is the number one reason churches go to court; and, protecting innocent children is your church’s number one priority. Keeping Them Safe gives you the policy, application forms, and training materials you need to protect children, workers, and your new church’s ability to minister effectively.

We’ll obtain your Federal Employee Identification Number (also known as Tax ID Number) for you, and provide you the information you need to open a bank account for your new church, enabling you to receive tax-deductible tithes and offerings.

Fees and Costs

Church Launch is designed for new churches, and the fee reflects that. We can help you launch, grow, and protect your new church through Church Launch for only $1,900.00, plus applicable governmental fees. Plus, we’ll divide that fee into four monthly payments: $380 / month / 5 Monthly Payments, Plus Government Fees

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