Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just for the elderly or the rich. In fact, everybody has an estate plan. The question is, whether the future of your family is going to be decided by you or by a judge. Reynolds Law Group can come along side you to protect the future of your family through smart and efficient estate planning.

Here’s how Reynolds Law Group can help solve problems and protect your dreams for your family:


If you are in an accident do you know who will take care of your kids?  Reynolds Law Group can help ensure your family’s safety.


Everyone needs a will. Plus, if you have minor children, a will is an absolute requirement to determine who will care for your children.  Reynolds Law Group can help make sure you aren’t exposed.


Trusts give you the flexibility to keep your family safe from creditors, bad influences, and themselves.  Reynolds Law Group can help.

Business Succession Plan

Life insurance. Disability insurance. Buy-sell agreements. These are all critical if you own a business—and, Reynolds Law Group can help you set them up.

Powers of Attorney

You need both a financial power of attorney and a medical power of attorney to make sure your wishes are followed should you be disabled. Reynolds Law Group can help you make sure protections are in place to take care of you and your family.

Too many people avoid estate planning because it doesn’t seem urgent.  But, it is important!  Contact Reynolds Law Group today to set up a strategy session to help solve your estate problems and protect your family’s dreams.

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