Existing Churches

Let Reynolds Law Group help your church launch, grow, and protect your ministries through Your Church Attorney, a program specifically designed to assist local churches fulfill their mission and protect their dreams.

Your church ministers in a world filled with legal threats:

  • Sexual Abuse of Minors
  • Secularized Culture
  • Complex Church Structures
  • High-risk Ministries
  • Religious Liberty Restrictions

Recently Asked Questions

  • We have a registered sex offender attending church, what do we do?
  • Our bylaws were written in 1947. Do we need to update them?
  • We have volunteers picking up people to bring them to church. Are we liable if they are in an accident?
  • Who should be authorized to drive church-owned or church-leased vehicles?
  • Can our pastor be forced to perform a same-sex wedding?
  • Does running a coffee shop threaten our tax-exempt status?

How Your Church Attorney Can Serve Your Church

Your Church Attorney comes alongside your church to help you launch, grow, and protect your ministries. We do that by helping you identify risks and protect you from exposure.

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Through Your Church Attorney, one of our network attorneys will analyze your ministry setting, your governing documents, and your programs to determine your areas of risk.


Next, we’ll revise your governing documents and your policies and procedures to help protect you from exposure and reduce the risks surrounding your ministry. You’ll get access to all of our existing documents, and our turn-key program to reduce the risk of sexual abuse of minors in your church.


Our attorneys will be available for telephone consultation regarding any new issues that arise in your church. They’ll give you legal advice as part of Your Church Attorney. Then, if there are legal documents that need to be drafted or other legal work to be performed, we’ll do that for 40% off our normal hourly rate of $250.00. That means you can get legal work completed for only $150.00 per hour.

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$100/ month (12 Month Minimum)

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